The Cascade Difference

Our culture is built on a foundation of shared values, trust and a passion for helping people. These principles guide every decision we make. We recognize the long term impacts of the transaction on our clients' company, employees, family, wealth and personal lives. We are committed not only to creating long-term value for companies but to creating transformative solutions for people. 

We partner with our clients to provide unbiased information about the options available and their implications long before you need our transactional services. Some of our current clients are relationships we have held for more than 10 years and maintained through multiple transactions. 

Our experience as operators, investors and advisors affords us a 360 degree view of the transaction. 

Cascade Partners provides the guidance and resources necessary to navigate the complexities of managing growth, acquisitions, divestitures, financing and other strategic initiatives.

Hear from Kevan Lawlor of NSF International

Kevan Lawlor: I'm Kevan Lawlor, President and CEO of NSF International. NSF is a public health organization. Cascade Partners has been our investment banker and really a trusted partner for over a decade. We continue to work with Cascade for a couple of reasons. First, they've taken the time and they've made the commitment to understand our business and NSF, for a mid-sized organization is fairly complex.

Kevan Lawlor: We work across a number of industries, including the food industry, water industry, pharmaceuticals, medical devices. We're a global business and Cascade has worked with us to understand our business. They've also worked with us to create our corporate development strategy, and they've made sure that we're sticking to that strategy and updating it periodically. Cascade is different from a number of other firms we've talked to for a couple of reasons. First, they're able to help us with our search process for acquisition candidates and we're conducting those searches globally and across a variety of industries. And they've been extremely helpful in identifying acquisition targets. In addition, Cascade has been successful in keeping us out of bidding processes for acquisition candidates. So for the majority of our acquisitions, we've been the sole party negotiating with the seller. What I appreciate about the process and working with Cascade is they bring a very strong and knowledgeable team to the acquisition.

Kevan Lawlor: They are very disciplined in the approach they take to work through that M&A process, especially on the due diligence process where they're making sure they cover the bases, paying close attention to details, working with my internal staff to make sure that we're on task for that due diligence process. Cascade brings a great deal of creativity and innovation to the M&A process. I'm thinking about the deal structures that we've created with some of our acquisition targets. Often the seller and the buyer are not close to agreement on deal terms and Cascade has done a great job in structuring a deal that that works for both the seller and the buyer. One unique benefit that Cascade brought to NSF was to help us create a more robust and standardized M&A process.

Kevan Lawlor: When I'm asked about our experience with Cascade, I talk about the long-term trusted relationship we have with Cascade. They understand our business very well. They're looking out for our best interest so their goal is not to close every deal that we work on. They often tell us to pass on several deals, and I think that's in our best interest. So they're looking out for NSF, they're providing value and taking a very disciplined and supportive role with the M&A process with NSF.