Sell Side Advisory

We go beyond just organizing a sale by creating long-term value for our clients.

3 Keys to a Successful Sell-Side Transaction

1. Goal Setting

We define our clients’ available options, just like most other firms.

Unlike most firms, we also present the post-transaction implications and what those mean to shareholders, the management team and employees.
sell side mergers and acquisitions, M&A team
M&A sell side team generates value

2. Value & Perspective

We know what buyers are looking for and we strengthen and emphasize the right features to the right prospects to maximize value.

For many closely-held businesses, the economic value of a deal is but one critical aspect. As always, we start by ensuring we understand goals, objectives and motivations. Preservation of a firm’s legacy, the well-being of its staff and commitment to a community may all be important factors.

Our experience as operators and investors provides unique perspectives not found at other firms. Our clients include privately held companies, publicly-traded corporations and private equity firms.

3. Research-Driven Process

Our client is our focus at all times.

Our research-driven process begins with identifying the client partner’s unique points of value, operating position or market position. We identify buyers and ensure their current focus is consistent with the current need. We don’t rely on just our network, but cast the widest net to identify the best potential acquirers.

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