Buy-Side Advisory

Strategy drives the deal. We don’t allow the deal to drive strategy.


4 Keys to Our Successful Buy-Side Transactions

1. Strategy Development
& Refinement

Our buy-side advisory services start with strategy development. If you already have a developed strategy, we help refine priorities and critical factors to create a targeting plan.

Growth through acquisition is a critical strategy for many, but the buy-side process can be daunting and complicated, diverting significant resources from day to day operations. Running a business is a full-time job and so is executing an acquisition plan.

We partner with you — so you can focus on regular operations while we focus on executing the plan.

man at desk researching buy-side solutions

 2. Research

With a defined buy-side strategy and prioritized focus, Cascade Partners builds a target list of potential, qualified acquisition candidates — including those you have already identified.

Regardless of geography we’ll find the right acquisition candidate through research.

3. Experienced Team

Once the target list is created, we engage with those organizations. Our senior-level team members directly connect with businesses, many of which have not thought about selling prior to our call. We cannot do this, however, until we develop a rationale on why they would ever consider being part of your organization. You have to sell before you can buy!

We build a pipeline of strong relationships with potential sellers to increase the likelihood of a successful buy-side transaction, speaking from business owner to business owner, not junior analyst to senior executive.

Our process continuously expands the pipeline of potential opportunities, running multiple potential opportunities in parallel to maximize the likelihood to close and best strategic fit.

buy-side acquisition brainstorming

4. Acquisition Process

Finding and obtaining the right acquisitions is only part of the challenge. We look beyond the deal to understand an acquisition’s impact on your organization, including potential risks and opportunities. We provide the experience and insight that can only come from first-hand involvement investing in and running companies, and serving on boards.

From one acquisition to ongoing mandates, we help businesses grow. Whether we provide a variable resource to your existing corporate development team or serve as your Outsourced Corporate Development Team™, Cascade Partners can support your growth goals.

Helping businesses grow is our passion.

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