Evaluating Options For Liquidity

Evaluating Options for Liquidity


Abundance of capital, scarcity of deals and growing base of acquirers presents potential sellers with a greater choice than ever for transactions.  If I don’t sell out 100%, what else can I do?  As an acquirer, why would I ever buy less than 100%. Should I take on an equity partner to help grow?  What could I do to make my business look even better to a potential acquirer?  What can I do to be a more attractive acquirer?  Join a conversation among an investor, acquirer and a seller, as they explore the pros, cons, risks and opportunities on how to get ready to execute a growing variety of transactions.

Panel features:

Jon Doehr, Managing Director, Cascade Partners
Rhonda Newman, Director, Foundation Wellness
Kevin Dehner, Shareholder, Clark, Schaefer, Hackett
Matt Buder Shapiro, Chief Marketing Officer, Vytalize Health