Mason Structural Steel, of Northfield, Ohio has been acquired by Daboosh Investments LLC. Mason Structural Steel provides masonry, hearth, and outdoor living building products, as well as commercial and residential structural steel fabrication and erecting services. Selling to a local Cleveland family continues a 60 year tradition of family ownership supplying on demand building products combined with exceptional customer service and support. The new ownership looks forward to the continued success and growth of Mason.

Cascade Partners served as the exclusive financial advisor to Mason Structural Steel on this transaction.

Keith Polster (00:02): Mason Structural Steel fabricates and erects structural steel in the Cleveland market and beyond. We also distribute building products. I was fortunate enough to follow in my father’s footsteps. He started it in 1958. We started discussions about what to do with the business several years ago, and it took several years for us to come to the conclusion that we ought to see what the market prospects were. Confidentiality was very important to me. Our company is very well known in our market, and I was very sensitive to having any information regarding this conversation appearing on the street. I can tell you that the confidentiality portion was something that we talked about, we stressed, and Cascade Partners and Ken Marblestone came through with flying colors.

Keith Polster (00:45): Expectations in any business very, very important to establish them, and then try to exceed them. I’d say Cascade was very, very good at that. From the start, there was a timetable laid out and a process laid out for us because we certainly know our business, but we certainly had no experience in this realm. As I look back at it, we pretty much followed the process from A to B to C to D, and certainly, they did a great job of establishing expectations and then followed through and exceeded them the whole way. Communication was outstanding. I felt that Cascade was a huge ally. As we went through the process, there were challenges that presented themselves, and I felt the Cascade was truly our partner every step of the way. If we had a problem, they had a problem. If they had a problem, we had a problem, and we solved them together. Their expertise was invaluable. I felt we were together 100% as we faced adversity and roadblocks.

Keith Polster (01:50): I felt also that Cascade truly had our best interests at heart in their recommendations. Actually, we did get to a point where we had an obstacle that could have prevented the sale, and it wasn’t clear which direction we should go. I know that both Ken and Raj personally told me, “Do what you think is best for you, best for your family, best for your business, best for your people. Don’t worry about us.” Cascade dug much, much, much deeper. They were anticipating the questions before they were asked. They were authorities on our company. They knew the company as well as I did, maybe better in some ways, and for that, I give nothing but the highest marks for the in-depth work that they did. That was something that was surprising to me. If I had another business to sell, or if I were starting this process over again, there is nobody I would work with besides Cascade Partners.