The Health Economy

The growth and stability of the health economy have received increased interest from the private sector. In recent years M&A in this sector, especially in the physician practice management sector, has outpaced other industries.
Our team has a lot of experience in the healthcare sector. We have sat on hospital boards and payer boards. We have run healthcare companies and completed numerous transactions. Our experience and expertise combined with our research-driven process offer us an unparalleled advantage when working with firms in this sector.

Why is healthcare so attractive to investors?

Healthcare’s recession-resistant nature makes this industry very attractive to investors — people will always need it at every stage of their lives

High valuations, strong return on investment and the desire to drive scale efficiencies and enhance margins have led to heavy merger and acquisition activity in the healthcare industry.

In addition, the application of traditional business principles such as economies of scale and technology is driving proven value in several segments of the healthcare industry. Buyers, especially private equity firms, are capitalizing on a historical lack of focus on efficient business operations within many segments of the healthcare sector.

The increasing costs due to compliance, quality metrics and technology requirements are driving organizations to embrace more traditional business principles and seek scale for leverage against higher costs.

The interest of these firms has created a wealth of opportunities for all businesses within healthcare, and especially physician practices. To learn more, please review our resources or reach out to our team.