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Paul Graham



An alumnus of Wayne State University’s Mike Ilitch School of Business, Paul holds a B.S. in Finance and graduated Magna Cum Laude with an MBA concentrating in Finance and Entrepreneurship & Innovation. During his time at WSU, he was a kicker/punter where he became the NCAA leader in field goal percentage.  

Never one to sit on the sidelines, Paul started a non-profit called Sport Detroit which focused on providing athletic equipment to underfunded schools in the City of Detroit. He also participated in numerous community service projects with the Wayne State University athletic department. 

Prior to working at Cascade, Paul was a financial analyst at HoMedics. It was here that he became interested in M&A and began studying various transactions. When asked what he loves about M&A, Paul smiled gleefully and explained, “Mergers and acquisitions are exciting because every transaction is different. Each transaction offers an opportunity to learn about different companies, industries, business models, headwinds and tailwinds, and each transaction has a different goal and capital structure. All of these aspects combined make the work very interesting to me.” 

When he isn’t in the office or reading about M&A, Paul enjoys traveling and spending time outdoors. In the summer months this includes water skiing, surfing, golfing, and hiking, and skiing and snowboarding in the winter.