Despite the increasing pressures on the industrial sector from trade disputes and labor shortages, the industrial M&A market remains strong with several positive trends. U.S. manufacturers continue to adapt and increase productivity and profitability by utilizing new tools, processes and technology.  Leading industrial businesses are relying on innovation and research and development to generate better designs and engineering to gain a competitive advantage. 

With increases in productivity and cost decreases, some offshoring is being reversed.  Reliability and service are critical in many growth industries including medical and technology.  Many projects cannot afford long lead times that are associated with international production.

Several factors are driving the sustained strength of industrial M&A.  Firms are looking to expand into new geographic areas, increase their knowledge base through the acquisition of intellectual property, resources and engineering talent, acquire new customers and enter into growth markets quickly.  Industrial technology is also driving a lot of M&A activity with evolutionary developments from the Internet of Things, SaaS and automation.  Pharmaceutical manufacturing is another hot area with a record amount of deal volume in 2019.

We have significant manufacturing experience as operators, investors, lenders and investment bankers.  Our approach to industrial deals is unique because of our broad experience and unique strategic and financial ability to create long-term solutions that meet our client’s objectives.  We provide sell-side, buy-side and financing advisory services to middle-market industrial businesses in many sub-sectors.  Our experience includes:

  • Aerospace, Defense & Government Services
  • Automation
  • Automotive & Aftermarkets
  • Building Materials
  • Commercial / Specialty Vehicle
  • Engineered Components and Systems
  • Environmental Services
  • Flow & Process Control
  • Industrial Equipment & Manufacturing
  • Industrial Services
  • Injection Molding
  • Metals & Metals Processing


  • Paper & Packaging
  • Precision Machining/Metal Fabrication
  • Rubber and Plastic
  • Security & Safety
  • Water and Filtration