AmeriTi Manufacturing has been Acquired by Kymera International

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AmeriTi Manufacturing was acquired by Kymera International. AmeriTi is a manufacturer of value-added ferrotitanium, titanium sponge, titanium powders and specialty forms based in Detroit, Michigan. This acquisition provides Kymera with a strengthened market and adds technical capabilities.

AmeriTi produces titanium powder using the hydride-dehydride (HDH) process and can manufacture both commercially pure and alloyed titanium powder in a wide range of particle sizes. The Company has the unique ability to supply enriched alloy powder. This includes enriching powder with alloying elements that are lost during post-processing steps.

The combined business will build on its titanium knowledge and expertise to fuel growth in the aerospace, medical, defense and industrial markets while maintaining its strong customer focus and service.

Cascade Partners served as the exclusive financial adviser to AmeriTi Manufacturing.